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Zipper-Up to a new level

16. 9. 2020 Inspiration

Promote, inform and create: Those are the keywords that describe the purpose of the Zipper-Wall.


Promote, inform and create: Those are the keywords that describe the purpose of the Zipper-Wall. Zipper-Walls are durable, portable and decorative display systems for branding, promotion and a more impactful presentation. Set up in just a few minutes and zip your fabric print on: Get ready to make a big impression!

Promote When you’re promoting your new products at a trade show, the Zipper-Wall will draw immediate attention to your stand.

Inform Use a Zipper-Wall to spread important information to a large crowd. Make sure that your information is noticed by placing a Zipper-Wall.

Create Create little spaces within a big room by using a Zipper-Wall, for instance the Zipper-Wall Moon. But also to create your own ‘studio’, by using the Zipper-Wall as a back wall for your webinar or online presentation. It’s a great solution for offices, retail, hospitality.

The fabric prints are available to customise your wall. Ready for a new message or presentation? Due to the zipper and lightweight tubular system you can easily change your print at any moment and place. Do you want to put yourself in the spotlight? Just simply add light options. Stay well organised and ready at any moment.

The benefits of Zipper-Walls

  • Convenient for transport due to lightweight tubular aluminium frame and transport case
  • For single-sided or double-sided use
  • Large visual graphic area with vivid colours

The ideal solution for information sharing at public places, product presentations, trade shows, webinars or online presentations and events. Be powerful and impressive in your communication by using a Zipper-Wall.