Good news! Your customers are opening their doors again!

20. 3. 2020 Inspiration

Your customers are opening again!


We have heard some good news. The corona measures are going to be bend. That means that some stores and businesses may open again. Now it’s key that potential visitors are aware of that!

Products to show shops are open again

There are many options for your customers to inform that they’re open again. In small or large way, printed or digital. Also, help your customers to provide the correct instructions and information when they receive visitors.

We selected some products that can be of great help for this. The choice is yours!

Special request?

Of course, these products are just a few examples. Do you have a special request for us that would really be of help for you? Please let us know! We’d like to think along with you. So that you can service your customers as good as possible, in a healthy and safe way.