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Your own catalogue and brochures

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Neutral catalogue

Every year we present a brand new catalogue. Complete with our entire product range, inspirational images and all the information you need to know about our products and services. You can find our latest catalogue here.

We like to think along with you! That’s why we also have a neutral catalogue as part of our Marketing Support, without our company name or branding.

This catalogue is specially made for you! Share it with your customers, put the catalogue on your website or show it during an appointment. In this way you can present your product range in an attractive and professional way.

That means you no longer need to invest time and energy in developing new marketing materials, they are already there for you. That’s how you boost your sales!

Digital branded catalogue

You can make the neutral catalogue even more special by adding your own branding. A cover and back page with your own logo and colours that will make you stand out from the crowd.

What you need to do? Send us your personalised front and back sheets in A4 format. We will take care of the rest!

It is also possible to customise the inside of the catalogue according to your wishes and needs. In that case we will send you our work file so that you can add your own touch. Please contact our Marketing Team to discuss the possibilites.

Digital neutral leaflets for your customers

In addition to our neutral catalogue we also have neutral brochures that you can share with your customers. Different markets and use cases are covered here. Are you curious which leaflets we have for you to share with your customers?

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