Kids Sanitiser: Taking care of the little ones

2. 11. 2020 Inspiration
kid sanitiser in book library against covid virus

It's playtime!

kid sanitiser in book library against covid virus

It’s up to us to take care of the little ones. Even though it can be a challenge sometimes, it doesn’t have to be with the new Kids Sanitisers!

Everywhere at any time where there are children, the Kids Sanitiser will make sure for a healthy hygiene. Places such as schools, daycares and (indoor) playgrounds. But also stores for children, public places and buildings and medical offices like the doctor or dentist. The Kids Sanitiser is developed special for the little ones. Therefore the height of the Kids Sanitiser is perfect for every child. Plus the automatic dispenser of 0,5 L content will make sure that the tiny hands will be clean in just a second.

Make it a game for the children. The three different designs make it a playful event for the children. Choose a cat, elephant or frog and ensure a good hygiene for every child.

The benefits of the Kids Sanitisers

  • The right height for children. They can independently disinfect their hands
  • Automatic dispenser with content of 0,5 L. Without any touch a good hygiene
  • Stable with a steel plate and aluminium pole
  • Three cute designs: frog, cat and elephant
    * Desinfection not included