Inspirational Product Packages

1. 6. 2021 Inspiration

Europe is slowly opening up again. We created inspirational product packages for you, to show you are back in business!


Europe is slowly opening up again. Stores and businesses are open again in some countries. That is good news! We would like to provide you with some inspiration to show how your customers can communicate they are back in business again. Of course with our health & safety in mind.

Inspirational product packages to show you are back in business!

There are many ways for your customers to let everybody know they are happy to receive visitors again. The packages we put together will help your customers to communicate the correct instructions and information to their guests. The products we selected in the inspirational product packages will be of great benefit for this.

The ready-to-use packages will make selling much easier for you. Support your customers from different segments and various markets. From retail to hospitality and services. Get ready to inspire your customers!

We are open! Hospitality

Inspire your customers with products they can use by opening their restaurants and bars. Place Hand Saniters at the entrance of the terrace or write with chalk markers on the wooden A-Boards that you are open again.

We are open! Retail

Shops and shopping centres are opening the doors. Did you think about barriers which you can place at the entrance doors to control the flow and numbers of customers entering your shop? Or to add a disinfection holder to provide simple and effective hygiene facilities?

We are open! Services

We are so happy we can go to the hairdressers, gyms and other sport facilities again! Guarantee distance between customers by placing a protective slide-in frame between chairs or mark the distance on the floor with safety stickers. Attract attention to your hand sanitiser and your brand with the luxurious Hand Sanitiser Fabric Frame Stand.