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Showdown Displays Europe is your printer and producer for promotional signs, displays and POS materials. Next to walls, banners, posters or flags, we also print on rigid materials, such as plastic boards, paper-based sheets, aluminium sandwich boards and more. Find out more about our panel graphics and the UV flatbed printing technology that makes the printing magic happen!

Find out more about graphics on rigid materials

Graphics on panel boards

Showdown Displays Europe is your partner for promotional signs and displays. By adding our UV flatbed printing technique to our latex and dye-sublimation printers, is our printing facility complete for all your printing needs. Next to our banners, walls and flags, we can also print on rigid materials. The UV flatbed printing technology makes extra personalisation and branding possible. Find out more yourself!

“UV flatbed printing makes
the print magic happen.”

Products by UV flatbed

Experience the superior quality of our UV flatbed printed products. We offer a complete range of products, such as hanging banners, indoor and outdoor wall signs, board holders and logo panels for branding. Browse our collection of standard products below to find the perfect solution for your customer’s need.

On which panels we print

Have an overview of all the panel boards we use below. Read through it and you will see all the different materials! Are you curious about the specifications? Click on the buttons below the images and you can see all the specifications of the panel boards! Easy, isn’t it? Find everything you need to know about our print materials in this overview sheet.



  • Foamed PVC
  • Lightweight
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • 3 mm


  • Ultra lightweight
  • Indoor
  • ECO-friendly
  • 5 mm
View KAPA®


  • Premium
  • B1 fire rated
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • 3 mm

Customisation for all your display needs

Thanks to our flatbed printer, we can customise your display needs to perfection. Do you require a different
of the panels, or would you like to have your logo printed on rigid materials other than our standard panels? Let us know! We can customise your display needs to meet your specifications and preferences.
Our flatbed printing capabilities ensure that your displays stand out.

Endless possibilities with UV flatbed

With our Vanguard UV flatbed printer, we produce professional, high-quality prints on a variety of
rigid materials, including plastic boards, paper-based sheets, and aluminum sandwich boards.
This advanced technology empowers you to expand your product offerings. Imagine offering
logo branding on wooden boards or highlighting logos on panel boards. Explore how UV
flatbed printing can elevate your business. Learn more about this innovative technique below.

Meet our UV flatbed printer

Your panel graphic will be printed by our professional, high-quality Vanguard flatbed printer. Powered by the UV flatbed printing technology, we have the ability to print on a wide range of rigid materials. Curious about the printer and its capabilities? Find out more!

UV flatbed printing is a printing technology that is used for printing on rigid materials, such as plastic boards, paper-based sheets, aluminium sandwich boards, black writing panels and more. The technology allows for direct printing on surfaces, with the ink instantly curing upon exposure to ultraviolet light. This process ensures vibrant and durable prints on panel materials such as FOREX®, BOND, KAPA® and many more.

Vanguard UV flatbed printer
The Vanguard UV flatbed printer is versatile and can print on a wide range of rigid materials. From plastic boards to paper-based sheets, aluminium sandwich boards, glass, or wood, you name it. It handles them all, accommodating materials up to 10 cm thick. The printer offers a generous maximum printing area of 250 x 125 cm and achieves stunning results with resolutions up to 1800 DPI. With a remarkable speed of up to 350 m2/hour, it ensures efficient production. And if you are in need of white ink printing, the Vanguard printer has you covered!

Want to know more about UV flatbed printing?

So, we have guided you throughout our UV flatbed print services. If you have more questions about panel graphics, or you have customised projects with logo branding, your sales contact is ready to help you. Would you like to see our UV flatbed printer in action? Visit our print center in Přestanov, Czech Republic. Or see the printed panel boards in our showroom in Nederweert. We are your partner for products with print!