Latex print

In our in-house printing centre in Přestanov we work with different printing technologies, with Latex printing being one of them. While using environment friendly water-based inks, this technology delivers exceptional printing results with outstanding colour quality. It is commonly used for printing graphics of Roll-Banners, Poster Frames, A-boards and LED Frames. Learn more about the latex printing technique.

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Latex print

Latex printing is a relatively new, high quality print technology. It uses water based inks and offers great printing and colour quality together with quick production processes. The ink creates a plastic layer on the print media. In this way, the result is very stable and watertight.

Latex print is more ecological than conventional UV printers. Depending on the print material, the materials are fire rated and can be used outside too. Our printing centre can take care of graphics with a width up to 1600 mm.

PVC Free Print Materials!
“Aim for a positive impact on society and the environment”. That is our goal! As a producer and printer of printed materials and a supplier of the complete package for you and your customers, we want to see how we can improve every time. That is why we offer Eco printing!

Printed by

Most commonly used for

  • Topcards
  • Roll-Banners
  • Poster Frames
  • LED Frames
  • Stickers (Adhesive Foil)
  • Counter Professional & Magnetic

Suitable print materials

  • Premium Poster Paper (PVC Free) 135 g/m2
  • Poster Backlit 285 g/m2
  • Adhesive Foil 140 g/m2
  • Symbio Banner PVC 510 g/m2
  • Standard Multi Layer Material Banner 220 g/m2
  • Opaque Fabric (PVC Free) 100% PES 265 g/m2
  • Solid Flex (PVC Free) 415 g/m2

Find everything you need to know about our print materials in this overview sheet.

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