28. 2. 2024 New products
5 new digitals header

Release Tuesday: 5 new Digital Displays!

5 new digitals header

Set ready for the future and get started with Digital Displays today! #ReleaseTuesday
Innovate ways of displaying promotional content also need innovative Digital Displays themselves. We can proudly say that we develop and produce the housing of all our Digital Displays in our own production centre in the Czech Republic.
📣: Digital A-Board Spectrum
📣: Digital Totem Sky
📣: Smart Line Digital Totem Rack
📣: Smart Line Digital Totem Double-Sided
📣: Digital Counter Futuro Vertical (new orientation)

Next to these new and innovative digitals, we also offer an extended range of new colours, sizes or additional features. The possibilities are limitless! It’s time to introduce these digital solutions to your assortment and stand out to your customers.

And fantastic news: Our bestselling digitals are now ON STOCK! The digital journey is now closer than ever! Ensuring a seamless and speedy experience for both you and your customers!

Guiding you through the world of digitals

Want to know more about all the opportunities Digital Displays offer and where we can support you? Hit the button below and explore all about the world of digitals on or Digital Displays page!

See you next time in a new #ReleaseTuesday!

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