The right message at the right moment

Share up to date information with digital displays

In these crazy times in which the coronavirus plays the leading role, the situation changes almost every day. It is then important to share information that is current at that moment. To lend a helping hand, we introduce a series of products that will come in handy: the Digital Displays.

Instead of getting attention by using static content, you can now easily use moving content as well. Even with audio! With this you achieve a much stronger effect than the standard banner. And does the current state change from one moment to the next? Then you can easily adjust the content whenever you want, without having to buy a new product. So that it is up to date again. Good to know: there is also an outdoor version of the digital display, so it can be used outdoors.

Content management

The screen plays the content easily via WIFI or USB and can be completely remotely managed without additional devices. This way you can easily adjust the content in real time.


The digital displays have an elegant and durable housing. Furthermore, the front panel is made of high tempered safety glass to protect the screen.

High Quality

The image has a high brightness, optimal contrast ratio and anti-reflection glass. This makes your campaign stand out even more!

For indoor and outdoor use

The Digital Displays can not only be used indoors, but are also certified for outdoor use. This is convenient, as it allows a visitor’s attention to be drawn very quickly. For example, to communicate that currently only a limited number of people are allowed in a shop, or to inform about adapted opening hours. All day long: the video display can be left on 24 hours a day thanks to the built-in self-cooling system. 

Available from now on 

The Digital Displays can now be ordered in different shapes and sizes. For an overview you can view the catalog below. The product is available in a standard version, but can also be customized to your wishes. Would you like to know the possibilities? Or do you have some  questions about our amazing new product? We’re looking forward to hear from you!