Showdown Displays Europe increases daily print production with new Zünd Cutter

15. 6. 2021 News

Reseller customers now benefit from shorter lead times


We’ve completed our printing centre in Přestanov (Czech Republic) with the new Zünd G3 Cutter. This latest addition has helped us to increase our production to 400 flags per day. As a result, reseller customers benefit from shorter lead times.

Because the machine can be timed precisely, large orders can be processed efficiently. On top of that, the Zünd G3 Cutter allows for a cutting speed 6 to 8 times higher than before, when cutting was done manually. Furthermore, we can now easier provide more complicated shapes for customers.

The Zünd Cutter is mostly used for the cutting of flags, posters, roll-banners and zipper-walls and can be used on all print materials we’re currently offering.

Along with the Zünd Cutter, another improvement has been done in the printing centre. We also installed a new humidifier to decrease waste and increase product quality.

“We’re happy and proud to add this new Zünd G3 Cutter to our printing centre”, says Vít Zajíček, President of Showdown Displays Europe. “This helps our hard-working colleagues to do their job more efficiently and reduces the chance of mistakes. But what’s most important: our reseller customers benefit most now that we’re able to complete orders at a faster pace. So that these resellers can also service their customers quicker. The introduction and implementation of the new Zünd Cutter is really a great step forward.”