Promic and Jansen Display officially continue as Showdown Displays Europe

15. 6. 2020 News
logo showdown displays

Effective today, Promic Display Systems and Jansen Display officially join forces under a new name: Showdown Displays Europe.

logo showdown displays

Effective today, Promic Display Systems (Nederweert, NL) and Jansen Display (Prestanov, CZ) officially join forces under a new name: Showdown Displays Europe. The two companies announced their integration intention earlier this year, and today’s announcement is the culmination of that effort. Now it’s time for Showdown Displays Europe to take the stage.

The journey began in 2018. In October of that year Showdown Displays, a leading display manufacturer in the North American market, acquired the Czech company Jansen Display.  Through another acquisition in May 2019, Promic also became part of the global Showdown Displays group. After initially operating as two independent entities, it soon became clear that Promic and Jansen Display would be stronger together, complementing each other seamlessly. This marriage will allow resellers to benefit from a wider product range, improved lead times, better selling tools and enhanced industry knowledge. These enhancements will come with the same high level of quality and service.

“Our European business will take a huge step today,” said John Bruellman, CEO of Showdown Displays’ global business. “Europe remains a focal point for our plans. We are really excited about what this integration will mean for our customers!”

Natural fit

“The last couple of months, we’ve all worked hard to make this official launch happen,” tells Vít Zajíček, president of Showdown Displays Europe. “Even though Jansen Display and Promic have been two separate companies until now, they very naturally fit with each other. The warm but hard-working culture within both companies has ensured a prosperous collaboration. That means that from now on, we will continue as Showdown Displays Europe with full confidence.”

Both Promic and Jansen have built a strong reputation throughout Europe as a provider of high-quality displays and signage systems. With the merger of the two companies, Showdown Displays Europe will be the largest supplier and manufacturer of promotional signs, display systems, and POS materials.

Partner in displays systems and print

The service-focused teams aim to provide an intuitive, personal and transparent experience. By combining the Promic and Jansen Display product portfolios, Showdown Displays Europe expands its product range significantly and is also able to offer both product manufacturing and print facilities. In that way, the company brings a wide variety of high-quality products and quality prints together. The ultimate goal is to provide reseller customers with the best experience possible. “With our manufacturing location in the Czech Republic, we can do our own production work with a much wider offering,” Zajíček continues. “Innovation and development will get more focus and we will be able to offer new display solutions. Also, we can improve on our ability to meet market demand for customised solutions. Our reseller customers can now come to us for all-in, ready-to-use display products. And we are more than ready to show them how they can benefit greatly from these new opportunities.”