NEW! Standard print designs

8. 10. 2021 New products

Generate more sales by adding promotional displays with a standard, ready-to-use, print design to your assortment.


Complete sets with ready-to-use print designs

New in our assortment: complete product sets with standard print designs. Make it super easy for your customers to order a promotional display for f.i. their store, restaurant or event. All print designs are ready to use. No graphic designer needed. Just one click on your website to buy the promotional display they need. The designs are suitable for a variety of markets: hospitality, retail, public spaces, offices and events.

Easy addition to your assortment

These complete sets are an easy way for you to generate sales with promotional displays. Generate extra sales with printed products without having a printer or a print upload function on your webshop.

We have all marketing support ready for you. From visuals, to description texts and an excel sheet with all product data information. We have the designs ready, we print it for you and we can drop ship it to your customer. Easy, isn’t it?

Why standard print designs?

  • A complete set of hardware, print and design
  • No print upload function needed
  • No need for a graphic designer
  • Easy to add to your website
  • For hospitality, public spaces, retail, offices and events
  • Dropshipment to your customer

View our complete assortment with standard designs

Ready to start!

Are you ready to start selling? Receive our Print Designs Data Package with visuals, description texts and an excel sheet with all product data information. Upload this easily on your web shop and you are ready!