Video Embed Codes

How to get started

This is how to get started. Our new codes can be downloaded via the button below and can also be found on the product pages of our Online Reseller Platform.

Ask your website partner to insert the new codes, or implement the codes yourself as follows:

  1. Take our overview with the video codes.
  2. Copy the embed code from the video you would like to use.
  3. Navigate to the webpage you want to play the video on.
  4. Open the Code Editor.
  5. Implement the video code on the position you would like to have it.

That’s it!

Questions? Let us know!

We can imagine this could raise some questions. Are you struggeling to implement the codes or do you perhaps have a question about this service we offer? Please reach out to the Showdown Displays Europe marketing team, we’re ready to help you out!