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Make sure to order in time

25. 10. 2022 Services
SDE Order Time

Information about transport and our opening times

SDE Order Time

Upcoming quarter there are a few bank holidays that might delay your delivery time. Make sure to place your order on time, to have it ready and set just in time!

November 1, December 6 and December 8 are national Spanish bank holidays.
October 28 and November 17 are national Czech bank holidays.

Next to that, the holiday season is just around the corner. The last order date is:

Portugal (PT)
For shipments to Portugal, please contact your sales contact person to make sure your order arrives on time.

Italy (IT)
Pallets (1 to 5): 15-12-2022 until 12.00 hours
Pallets (more than 5: 16-12-2022 until 12.00 hours
Parcels: 19-12-2022 until 12.00 hours

Norway (NO)
Pallets: 15-12-2022 until 12.00 hours
Parcels: 19-12-2022 until 12.00 hours

Sweden (SE), Finland (FI), Denmark (DK), Hungary (HU), Great Brittain (GB), Ireland (IE)
Pallets: 16-12-2022 until 12.00 hours
Parcels: 19-12-2022 until 12.00 hours

Last goods will be shipped out on 20 December. After, orders will be shipped again from Monday 2nd January 2023.

Our offices will be closed from 26 December 2022 until 1 January 2023.

The transport companies that we work with will also be closed or take on fewer deliveries. We advise you take a delayed delivery time into account around these holidays. Please take also into account the bank holidays on October 31 and November 16 in the state Saxony (Germany) that can cause delays.

We are open and ready to help you on all the other days that we are open.