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2. 6. 2021 New products

Shine bright and steal the spotlight!


It’s time to let your message shine bright! There’s no better way of doing this than by using one of our Brightboxes. Now our lightbox range is complete with the Brightbox Single, Double, Premium and Counter!

Our Brightboxes are perfect illuminated alternatives for a standard banner or counter. With its stunning design and fresh backlighting, the one-sided and double-sided lightboxes are perfect for all occasions.

Have you already taken a look at our newest Brightboxes? View our promovideo below!

Better together

Using one of the lightboxes is an eye-catcher but to really leave an unforgettable impression, Brightboxes can also be connected. The magnetic sides of the Brightboxes are linkable for easy but perfect attachment.

Create an impressive exhibition stand using multiple Brightbox Double or Premium for an amazing wall, completing the booth with a large connected Brightbox Counter in front of it. Or what do you think about using these products for a product presentation or store lay-out? The options are endless.

Order with or without graphic

We can provide you with only the hardware product, but of course we can also take care of a complete solution including both hardware and a graphic. The Silicone Edged Graphics can be chosen in either Starlight material or Samba material. Use our drop shipment service and we send the ready-to-use brightbox directly to your customer.

This is what you get

For the Brightbox Single, Double, Premium and Counter we’re using plastic corners for safety purposes. Besides that, they make sure no visible gaps are to be seen in the corners. Also, we’ve added 4 plastic connectors that reduce gaps when combining two Brightboxes.

The Brightboxes are all stored in a padded carry bag, which is packed in a single cardboard box. That means you can easily send the Brightbox to your customers as a single piece package.

Get yours now!

Would you like to have more information about the different types of Brightboxes? On our online platform, you can take a closer look at them. Please let us know if you have any questions about them, we’re happy to help!