End-user mailing Roll-Banner Budget campaign

Easily push this Roll-Banner Budget + Graphic promotion to your end-user customers by using our ready-to-use mailing. Please find the content below.

Get your Roll-Banner deal now!

Soon having a store promotion, company presentation, open day or another event? Show your message with the Roll-Banner [name type]. A quick and easy solution for every promotion.

Good news: We have a special deal for you! Order the Roll-Banner [name type] with graphic including shipping cost for just [x] EU.

Within a few days [x days] you will receive your personal package on your doormat. We got your back!

What’s in the deal?

Roll-Banner [name type], a low cost product for great exposure! Perfect for promotional or project-based use. Your graphic design will be printed on Symbio material, a best-selling PVC matt surface material (510 g/m2). We will send your package within [x] days after confirming.

Shipping costs and a free print proof are included.

The promotion is valid until the end of 2021.

Get yours now!

Do you have any questions about our this special promotion? Get in contact with your sales person, they’re happy to help.